Repeat Rowsx-Y X Times Before Play Next Pattern In Rewire Mode?

hi… coming from the impulsetracker/screamtracker way of thinking, i can’t help but wonder, is there’s a SBx type command for patterns in Renoise, and is it enforced in Rewire-mode? what the SBx used to do was repeat the segment of the pattern x times until proceeding to the next one. these could be hatched (1st channel could have, say, 4 repeats on every 8 rows, and 2nd channel could have 4 repeats on every 64 rows, thus the pattern would first play the first 8 rows 4 times, then the rows 9-63 once, then the first 8 rows 4 times, then the rows 9-63 once, then 8rows4, then the rows 9-63 once, and then 8rows4 then the rows 9-63 once and then proceed to the next track.

i’m only asking cos im trying to use renoise rewired into ableton live, and its a right charm, just thinking, how would one go about this… i’d like to set it so that first orderlist pattern 00 gets played for 2 minutes and then you proceed to pattern 01. if there’s some other way of doing this, please let me know

Unfortunately nope :( , really hope these kind of patternflow hackings will make it to Renoise someday, like backwards scrolling.

This is not possible to implement for use with ReWire mode.

A good example why not:
You not only control the other host from within Renoise regarding songpositions, but you also control Renoise from within the other host, regardless of Master or Slave relationship.
How many times should a pattern repeat at a certain position in the rewired host and if you shove the song-position of the other host forwards, how many times should Renoise guess that it should have jumped back to a specific position in that pattern if the picked position in the other host would involve for example 3 repeats passed and 2 repeats to go?