Repeater: Autofade

Would this be possible?

I’m talking about an autofade button like what the samples in Renoise now have to eliminate pops and cracks.

Can you please go into more detail? Not entirely sure what you’re asking for here.

I guess he means that there should be an ability on the Repeater to fade in and out the repeating samples inbetween the repeats, so that the effect doesn’t just stop the current one and then the next one. And if this is it, then yes please!

If I’m guessing correctly what you mean, try an XY :P
.xrnt (dsp chain) idea

i think there is a tiny autofade in the code already. otherwise you would get ugly pops and crackles when using it.

EDIT: i dont know what you mean initially, too.

I always refer to it as “de-click”, and it is for sure already implemented in the Repeater, otherwise it would sound like crap all the time. The de-clicking is basically just cross-fading for a short duration from the previous repeat into the next repeat. The de-click amount is dynamic and varies based on a simple calculation to see how much difference in phase/volume there is between the repeats. A larger difference in sound results in a longer cross-fade duration. Right now its set up to be quite conservative to help preserve transient attacks on drums and things like that, but I will probably change this in a future update so that it’s adjustable.

I’m talking about the clicks and pops.

OK. I should have known something was already there because it doesn’t click that badly.

Could you please post a quick example .xrns song if you’re experiencing some weird behaviour? I’ll try to finetune things if it’s really bad.

If your loops suck, samples are not cut correctly, hits don’t line up properly, you’ll always get clicks/pops depending on the sound material. It is tight right now, please no big smoothing windows, or make it optional.

I was proposing a toggle button Jonas, just like samples in the instruments have.
After reading what dblue said about it already having the crossfade i suppose there’s no point really and i’m being too sensitive.

No worries Syflom, just afraid of squishy transients :slight_smile: .

Could perhaps as well has something to do with changing BPM values on-the-fly or per pattern effect command.
Changing BPM or LPB during effect processing of these kind of effects, you get glitches like clicks and pops.

This is one of the things that always bothers me with similar stutter effects and VST plug-ins. So you can believe me, I spent a lot of time fine-tuning this thing to hopefully prevent it from producing any really nasty clicks. It’s not 100% perfect (nothing ever can be), but in the majority of cases it should produce pleasing results overall.

If you want to hear it do some weird crap, just play the Chip-Sine.xrni instrument through the Repeater at a low note (C-2 or so) and trigger some small repeats. You’ll for sure hear some little pops creeping in there. When you actually render the effect to .wav and zoom into the rendered waveform, you’ll see that there is always some amount of de-clicking/smoothing being applied to each repeat, so it should hopefully never jump instantly from one nasty sharp value to another and produce a really bad click. But simply due to the nature of that particular waveform, even those smoothed out changes still produce a kind of dull pop/click that would not be noticeable on other detailed sounds (drums, synths, etc).

I want to make this thing sound as good as possible, so if you hear something clicking and you think it shouldn’t be doing that, then please simply upload a demo song that I can analyse. I will do my best to fine-tune it some more :)