Repeater Issues, Not Coming On Inline With The Note?


I am trying to get the repeater to come on at the same time as my snare in free mode and then go from 1/1 to 1/128 . I have my snare hit at line 28 and I have programmed (right clicked) the beat repeater to come on free at the same time. To the left of this in the automation/effect input (not automation graphical input) I have right clicked and set repeater to 1/1 in line with the snare hit and then gone to the bottom of the pattern right clicked 1/128, highlighted it all and interpolated it. Playing it back shows everything doing what I want (I think) but the repeater is having no effect.

Any tips? Advice?

Cheers guys. :)

Solved this one for myself I think, switched form repeats to lines. Seems to have done the trick. Feel free to delete mod Gods, should you feel it not useful for the population.

You’ve already figured it out, but I’ll explain a bit more about what’s happening here.

When Sync is set to ‘Repeats’, the Divisor change will not take place until the entire repeated chunk of audio has played till the end. So when you turn the effect on with a Divisor value of 1/1, this means that the effect will play an entire bar (4 quarter note beats in 4/4 timing) before any repeating will occur. Essentially, the Repeater is actually doing its job correctly, but you have told it to repeat an extremely long chunk of audio, so you don’t really hear the effect kicking in (nor any Divisor changes) until all of the 1/1 chunk has finished playing. In your example, you probably wouldn’t hear any Divisor changes taking place during that entire automated section.

When Sync is set to ‘Lines’, any Divisor changes will be applied on each new pattern line. This will force the Repeater to cut into the currently playing chunk of audio and start a new repeat as soon as possible. If you start the Repeater with a very low value like 1/1 and you sweep up to higher values, the Repeater will just cut into the current chunk on each new pattern line, so you’ll probably get a very basic retrigger type of sound, almost as if you’d placed snare notes on each pattern line. Eventually, when the Divisor automation reaches a value that is less than one pattern line in duration, then you’ll finally hear a more rapid retrigger effect.

Going back to your example… If you’re trying to achieve this kind of sweeping retrigger sound, going from a slow to fast, then I’d suggest that you simply start the Repeater with a higher Divisor value instead. Maybe start at around 1/8th or 1/16th instead, then sweep up to 1/128th. That way, even if you have sync set to ‘Repeats’, you’ll hear the effect kicking in much sooner, and it’ll probably give you a better sound.