Rephlex 'Rephresh' Paris @ Batofar September 4Th ; Who Will Be


I was wondering if some of you plan to go to this RephHresh night ?

I’ll be in Paris on saturday and can spend the night there but have no friends to go with :ph34r:

I’m always complaining about the french gigs line-up and I just can’t miss Ceephax (+ DMX Krew + WIsp + Jodey Kendrick) if I’m in the same city they play the day they do.

Maybe we can manage some sort of meeting ?

See you,

wowza. google RephHresh and see what comes up first :lol:

Kaneel could very possibly be there!

damn , just found out about ’ jodey kendrick ’ that’s some serious ill shit …

Kaneel can’t come anymore…

Please if you go there don’t hesitate to keep me in touch.

Don’t want to go alone :ph34r: