had a recurring thought about this earlier today.

speaking to a friend about a decade ago.
he told me he would watch films over and over again until he felt he had everything it could give.
then today i noticed that i do this with certain songs & tracks, for the feelings, ideas & thoughts i recieve from them.
i can’t watch films but a few times, then maybe once every few years.

then i think, it must be like this for an unlimited amount of assorted experiences of a huge variety of the populations.

curious what other people who write music think about this.

I think there’s something to it.

Listening to music awakes feelings inside you; when I hear prodigy my adrenaline flows, when I hear Shpongle I kind of drift away and so on. Plus, I think you hear something new every time you hear a tune, because you focus on different aspects of it each time.

Edit: also, with movies, I can watch a movie twenty times, just because I think the camera-angles are fascinating, or the acting is credible, or because the story is intreguing (did i spell that correctly?)

Anyway, since you always hear or see something new from watching the same movie or listening to the same album/song, I think you can always learn something new from it.

I do the same for movies and tracks, but those I really find interesting.

edit: I’ve watched LOTR trilogy 20 times as least, and every times new details are revealed.

Somewhere on the line you do not seem to watch carefully if you still notice new stuff over 10 times.
But then again, at least you know that paying for the movie was worth paying for…

Try to watch “The Secret” over 10 times…

Watch the secret more than 10 times, to puke? Or to get brainwashed?

Anway, I have noticed that the older I get, the less I tend to repeat watching movies, also I do get tired of music much easier, there are a few exeptions and these I consider masterpieces, it can e prodigy or a popsong but it has to be a really good popsong.

I have been thinking about why I no longer watch the same movies over and over…

I think it has to do with experience and age. When you are young you tend to watch the same several times because you still see new things and it is also a way to feel safe, when many things in life change, you can watch the same movie again by recognition…Small children tend to watch the same movies and listen to the same songs over and over…

I belive that when you have heard 10.000 variations on the same chords, and you here them in a new song, you will very easily get a overview of the song and it wont be as interessting as when you where 15 and had not heard as many different songs with those chords or action movies etc…Unless there is something really clever or to it than you will recognise it.

So for me of those 10.000 songs with almost identical chords/theme/rythm, I only still listen to those that stands out, and are the best…

No actually just not to forget who is most responsible for your own life and that is the whole point of most of that stuff, but just told in many different angles and The Secret is one of those angles. I would not call that brainwashing imho, but releasing yourself from being brainwashed instead.
You probably did watched The Matrix, which is actually the same but then a lot less dry stuff and more entertaining.

agree with this for the most part

for me, i pretty much slam the crap out of new music i like for a couple of weeks. for example, if i find a new song that i find amazing, i will probably listen to it about 5 times a day for the first couple of days, and then once a day for the next few weeks. same with a new album although less times per day for the initial plays. after the first few weeks, i won’t listen to it much anymore because i will have moved on to something else, but i will revisit it occasionally, maybe a couple of times per year

with movies though, i rarely re-watch them within the span of a few years. almost always when i re-watch a movie, it is because i am feeling nostalgia for it, and want to re-visit the place in my mind that it took me to. this is usually about 5+ years after initially watching the movie

(this is with the exception of the movie “Primer”, which pretty much requires that you watch it at least twice, to even begin to comprehend what happened in the movie. very cerebral, and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to all on these forums)

I still live in the oldschool-era of trance and techno. I could listen to Dune, the old(!) Westbamtracks, Charlie and Theo, Jam and Spoon (R.i.p. Marc Spoon :( ), RMB, Radical Rhythms, Klubbheads all the time. New trance and especially new house simply sucks.

Concerning movies I watched pulp fiction at least 180 times. Never in german, though…

I like Terminator II in German. “Ich komme wieder!”

really? LOL

okay, arnies german voice is better than that austrian accent shit but Edward Furlongs german voice is stupid. The same goes for Linda Hamilton.

you guys should see those commercials Arnold made for tourism for California, you’ll feel like you’ Are In Total Recall’! surreal as everything.

I know it’s not diplomatic, but:
Yes, damnit, yes!!!
There is one good thing about new Trance. It got melodic finally. But everything is just the same. Supersaws, autotuned vocals singing cover-lyrics and boring hooks that just play an old 80’s refrain melody.

Talking about things that I listen to over and over again:
House is still interesting but nothing reached Calvin Rotane’s “I Belive” imo.
One song that I can listen to in a loop is Chicane - Some Might Say. It’s like described above. Though it’s plain Filter House with a countable number of chords, I find more and more between all the elements the more I listen to it. It’s definately more than just a couple of sampled loops if you consider how everything follows the custom harmonies. I also enjoy all those extreme loFi effects, phasers, stereo enhancers and sudden volume cuts that many people would consider as nono’s mastering wise. Ignore the video. You should listen to it in stereo anyways. I think it’s an awesome style combination of Roger Sanchez, Daft Punk and Chicane himself. In fact, Chicane is one of the artists that I would still call great.

Other than that, I think that I’m moving away from these Genres, especially from Trance (which I used to love to most).

brilliant song. shit ass amateur video though!

Chicane is one of my favourites too though… amazing talent

i cant watch a film more than once a year without getting totally bored - even that is too frequent for a lot of films - when i was a teenage grunge bastard i could listen to nirvana on repeat for hours at a time - weeks even but not now.

dance music gets a couple of spins, metal quite a few more (still not bored of gluey porch treatments melvins 80’s lp!) but maybe it’s because when you make music you tend to spend hours on a single loop and so hearing something only once is something of a luxury?

the only music I listen to on a repetitive basis is The Manhatten Transfer’s album Swing, anything from Cab Calloway and almost
everything from Venetian Snares.

every now and then I need a Prokofiev-fix… I guess art is like drug
addiction for me, sometimes I NEED to hear something…

Don’t have much with movies, I like anything dramatic which is often
what filmfreaks refer to as Hollywood- trash. I guess few people have
seen Starship Troopers and Gladiator asoften as I did.

In regards to that “The Secret” movie… I haven’t seen it, but I read the posts on IMDB regarding it… and I posted this in response:

In regards to repetition: The human brain is quite capable of picking up every detail on the first viewing… but only if you’re some sort of savant. If you have a normally functioning brain however, you need repetition to pick up on the many details present in what ever stimuli you’re taking in. If you have a normally functioning brain however, you need repetition to pick up on the many details present in what ever stimuli you’re taking in.

last night i listened to a tune i had not listened to in Many years, we use to put it on repeat and zone into it. i never actually new the words. but, i thought i did!

check out these words:

I swear to god! Look!   
This is something new you've never heard before this   
You better take a good look at your mind, f****er   
I know what you want to come here for   
You better take a good look at your mind, f****er   
These three little, these three little f****ers   
These three little...pumpkin patch   
These three little pumpkins went into the woods and they said   
They said today we're gonna find something really good to look at   
And they went into the woods and they looked at all the little trees   
And they said this woods is really continuous little trees   
You know, 'cause nature is just as part of us as we are to the earth   
I said yeah   
And the pumpkins, the pumpkins went further into the woods   
And they came across this little man with a big, big head   
And the little man said, "What's your f****ing idea you f****ers?   
What are you f****ing high?"   
And the little pumpkin says,   
"We're the pumpkins to join yours for a loose the pumpkin"   
"Oooey! Oooey! Oooey!   
You ain't been in my world   
You never been in my world   
You never will be in my world   
You go away and you'll never be in my world again"   
The pumpkin boy said, "Yes you will, yes you will, I think to stay   
I wanna be in your world   
For you in your world"   
"Yeah you f****ers, you can't get me off before you leave yourself   
You think you can understand but you can't!   
Look, you just entered my world, right?   
You just entered my world and it's quite like you go in and for   
Then enjoy nothing but share and progress   
You think you can go from the top of the tree to the top of this too"   
[unintelligible noise]   
The two pumpkins looked at the little man and they said,   
"Why, why would he be such a, why would he be such a jerk?   
And the only thing he does is smoke drugs,   
And he doesn't do cocaine,   
And he doesn't shoot smack,   
And he doesn't even drink beer   
Why would he be such a f****er to me?   
Why would he be such f****ers?"   
All they wanted to do was pumpkins   
All they wanted to laugh at was the pumpkins   
[unintelligible noise]   
Go back! Get out of the woods! Get out of the woods!   
It's only the beginning - it is only the beginning - it is only the beginning   
Stop the tape