Replace Velocity/keytracking Device

It might have been suggested before.

I propose velocity device and keytracking device could be replaced by a “pattern data follower”. This would let you choose any of a number of various pattern data elements as input.

  • Notecolumn
  • Volcolumn
  • Pancolumn
  • Delaycolumn
  • Effectcolumn (select effectnumber and it will use effectvalue as input when effect is being used. devs could decide clever ways to interpret native renoise effects, e g following a vibrato or arp.)

Also a tick for “accumulative” could be added when appropriate, making it possible to for instance follow note portamendos.

Practical examples of usage (fill in):

  • Have a filter cut follow recorded stutters from a repeater device (requires setting up a couple of devices).
  • Pattern effect portamendo finally links to midi pitchbend (with a couple of devices)
  • Use any native effect (in a silent track) that you are more comfortable with to control any dsp in various ways.
  • Provides lots of opportunities for experimenting with sound sculpting/synthesizing.


moved post.

interesting idea

Sounds actually pretty cool :)

+++++++ 111111111111111111 !

your idea is interesting, but we should think about it twice before removing the devices you want to remove, as they have something this device can’t replace: the ability to be bound to a specific instrument: not every tracking command can be easily related to a single instreument

as long as the replacement-device retains all the functionality from the removed devices. for example, i often use the keytracking-device with both sliders set to zero in order to have something trigger for every note. i think this isn’t possible with the velocity-device (not 100% sure though). seeing how both devices have different parameters etc, i can imagine there being more of these situations.

Just as easy with either device. Range 00-7F, Min and Max both set to the same (0 if wanting to trigger an LFO from start.)

Yes, I have realized a drawback is that gui would have to be slightly changed dependant on what you want to follow. But I think there are only very few parameters this would affect (e g note clamp in keytracking), so it might not be a big deal.

I hope you don’t mind i edited the title to one more suiting your explanation… I almost got a heart attack when reading the word “Remove”.

I expected it to be changed, but I wanted to get some attention first :)