Representing Notes With Colour

There are a few different ways of representing musical notes. Some use dots on lines, and of course trackers use the actual letter of the note.

A third way which would complement the existing two would be to colour code the notes. I don’t know if anyone else has thought of anything like this, but basically it could allow for a more intuitive view of the music’s harmony and key. One can associate and with practise, immediately distinguish between chords etc.

Each note could be associated with a colour, perhaps by using the tertiary colours. The following example starts on C, though one could change that if need be.

Red: C
Red/Yellow: G
Yellow: D
Yellow/Green: A
Green: E
Green/Cyan: B
Cyan: F#
Cyan/Blue: C#
Blue: G#
Blue/Magenta: D#
Magenta: A#
Magenta/Red: F

It leads nicely round back to C again. One may notice I’ve gone up in fifths rather than semitones. That’s not set in stone, but it would seem to makes sense given the nature of music theory (example: We may want the D#/Eb in C minor chord to be colored very differently than an E in a C major chord).

Any thoughts?

Do you think it would make the pattern editor easier or harder to read? Especially as it would mean 7 different colours to contrast against the background rather than 1? Perhaps you should take a screenshot and then edit it as an example?

I’ve been playing with this idea also , but I can Imagine that not everybody wants the pattern sheet to look like a rainbow
So +1 if it’s optinal