[request] Dynamic Midi Map Of The Pattern Matrix

Me and Bugonshoe (syflom) were discussing on IRC about making some kind of Max patcher to map the touch osc app on the iphone to Renoise and we came to the conclusion that we really need a way to map a specific area of the pattern matrix that you can “move around” a bit like how the Launchpad and APC40 works in Ableton Live.

I see the pattern matrix as something very useful in two ways:

Song making: Already when I make songs, it’s much easier for me to copy/paste or delete stuff without selecting whole tracks in the tracker. This is great.

Live performance: mute/unmute: this is were people could need such controller that is mapped to a certain number of columns and rows that you can move around to control more tracks and patterns than would normally be necessary.

Great idea!

This would be extremly useful for me.

I think instead of pattern matrix mappings being static (i.e. Seq #01) I think it’d be better if it were dynamic, based on the current pattern.
This would be more versatile and you wouldn’t ‘waste’ all your mappings to certain patterns.

Agreed. I suppose you’d map to an overlaid “mapping grid” that would be offset on the y axis by the playback position.

Something like that, thanks syflom.