Request For Mandriva Renoise Users

I’ve got a user with a bit of an issue with my plug-ins using Renoise under Mandriva 2009.0. It seems that when using Aspect at a VST in Renoise, the presets don’t load. If you browse through the presets, the name loads correctly, but the actual parameters themselves are set to default values (filter closed, envelope times all set to the minimum, etc…)

This problem is only apparent when also using LADSPA plugins - disabling LADSPA in Renoise appears to fix (well, workaround) the problem. But I’m having trouble duplicating this here, and was wondering if there are any Mandriva Renoise users who could either confirm that they are also having this problem, or let me know if it does work on their setup.

The demo version of Aspect will be enough to give this a quick test, if you’re interesting in helping.

Thanks in advance!