Request: Resample audio from within Renoise!

Probably not the first person to request this, but I’m going request it anyways. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please add a way to route audio from Renoise to the recorder within Renoise.

This could be say from a particular Track, or even the Master.

An easy addition to the interface would be to add “Sampler Recorder” to the Mixer output drop down menus (Tracks, Master, and Sends). Then people could go to a new instrument, click on record, and bam! New instrument, new variation possibilities! :sunglasses:

That’s the interface part of it, the under the hood stuff would be up to you. :upside_down_face:

Hopefully it’s possible. Seems like it would be a really fitting and useful addition, considering Renoise is by and large sample based.

I hope to see it added sooner rather than later!


Good idea and schould be implented in next Versions. Untill than we can only us MeldaRECORDEr like thew nice Tipp from homie @anon81231982 :cowboy_hat_face:

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Yeah MRecorder, it’s free along with a whole load of other plugin. Very handy workaround


There’s this tool: New tool (3.2.0): SamRender v1.5 build 009 (August 2019)

And this one as well

Renoise already has a record function for this. Just mark the part you want to record, e.g. a part of a track/master track or even the whole pattern. All what is marked will be recorded to a new instrument. Just mark it, then right click and choose “Render To Sample”.Render

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Render to Sample is not the same as re-sampling with an internal audio recorder though. While RtS is cool for consolidating a finalised section it’s not good for live re-sampling. An true internal audio recording that re-samples and bounces the recording to a new instrument or track would be far better for sound design and general live jamming.

An example at 11:30 of Mr Bill using Ableton’s internal recorder to re-sample audio in real time as he manually turns dials and mashes through presets to capture glitch sounds.

While doing this he can hear exactly what he’s doing and what sounds are being created from the plugin, although he doesn’t do it in this video if he wanted to he could stop on an preset, tweak it, add more fx, tweak those, and so on, all while Ableton captures his entire jam session in real-time. This isn’t possible with Render to Sample.

Having the ability to record from within Renoise the way I stated in the first post, by routing directly from a track/send/master is a lot different from rendering, and would let you treat Renoise as an instrument to sample from for quick an easy instrument creation.

There are a few scenarios where resampling can do things that rendering can’t, the main one being that it can capture what is played through a track/send/master. Good for playing additional content over an already existing pattern, or using a 3rd party sequencer to control a 3rd party vst and routing the resulting audio to the recorder.

Like I say, the ability to resample seems like it would very much fit what Renoise is already doing, and simply let you treat Renoise like an external instrument.