Request to delete all my forum topics and posts


I do not want to delete them, but you can make them look deletable.

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Listen EatMe there is no need for you to leave or me.I am sorry for the ban topic I made it was my mistake.I am not apologizing for your behavior you should do that and be more careful from now on.

Do I get to veto this? I wanna veto this. As someone who actually DID leave in a bitchy mood ages ago (I was “Johann”, look up my old posts at your own risk, and don’t tell me about em), I feel you, but I also wanna keep you.

I wanted to leave this topic without any comment but cannot help myself. I really don’t understand people who need to express their opinions, let us say, ostentatiously. If you don’t want to use and nicely comment this forum, ok. You can ask admin to delete your post privately.

I like this living forum and community so much, here we can find very talented and open minded people. If you @EatMe don’t like this forum, leave it, if you want to stay, do that…

C’mon @EatMe, let’s go back to business as usual. This forum is a nice place, nobody should leave.