Requiem - Intro

my little intro…not finished yet. theres a little volume bug at the end…

what do you think?

greets kola

That is BEYOND beautiful, Kola, absolutely incredible. I so often listen to music on this forum and just don’t like most of it, but you have REAL talent, I could listen to that all day.
Can you make it downloadable so I can save a copy to listen to?

tyvm - will do when its ready! what about the mastering, does it sound comfortable? need feedback for this…

Well, I know nothing about mastering I’m afraid, all I know is that it all sounded fine, and really, really beautiful.

I forgot to add, if you remove the ‘s’ from https at the start of your Soundcloud link, you can see the song within your forum post instead of having to click the link. Don’t know why.

ah ok thx!