Rescaling/sizing Selected Block Length

There should be way to resize a selected block (with N rows)
by using note delay feature. The resizing to M rows should
happen so that relative lengths of note’s are preserved.

Practical example where you need this:

  1. You record melody line with MIDI keyboard
  2. You notice that you played slightly too fast/slow and
    the melody only takes 60 rows (and your pattern is 64 rows).
  3. You expand melody so that each note’s length is increased
    by factor of 64/60, the event that happens on row X,
    will start on row 64/60*X. You can use note delays to
    handle fractional parts.

Another example:

  1. You have created cool sounding track when creating another song
  2. You want to copy and paste it into another song with slightly
    different BPM / pattern length
  3. You want to resize the M-rows track to fit into N row pattern.

Currently there are expand/shrink commands but they only
increase/decrease tracks by factor of 2.0x or 0.5x. When shrinking
selected block there can be overlapping notes/events so there needs
to be some kind of destructive reduction of multiple sounds.