It would be nice to have local resellers for renoise.

I would like to see a reseller in europe at least.


I’m just curious, aside from being an additional source of marketing, what would be the point of this?

This is a bad idea, in my honest opinion. Resellers typically operate on the basis that they will be making some kind of profit or commission on each sale. This almost always attracts the wrong type of people - those who are only interested in making money and do not actually care about the product itself. These people, driven to make as much commission as they possibly can, generally resort to advertising the product in annoying and inappropriate ways - ie. spamming - which immediately brings negative attention to the product. Suddenly we have a lot of people who are sick of getting Renoise spam in their email, Renoise spam on their forums, Renoise spam in YouTube comments, etc, etc. This would be very, very bad!

Handling reseller programs properly usually requires a full-time staff of very experienced people who are dedicated to managing every aspect of it, to ensure that only the right type of people are accepted, to avoid spammers, to constantly check that everything is running smoothly, etc. It’s not a simple or casual thing to set up, and it can turn sour quite easily due to the various things I’ve already mentioned. I would hate to see Renoise’s good name get ruined in such a way.

If anything like this were ever attempted (and I personally don’t believe it’s even necessary), then it would definitely be something that requires professional consultation and planning, rather than simply approaching it with a “hey, let’s try this out!” attitude.

Anyone know if Indamixx sells retail?

like dblue said, -1 from me