"reset At Song Start" And "reset At Pattern Start"

I just looked, and there might even be space for it if you move the destination boxes a bit up?


Perhaps he meant to restart several LFO devices at once?
So they reset at Song/Pattern start.

If so you can reset several LFO devices using several velocity devices.
Then specify a instrument for the velocity devices and insert a note at beginning of pattern.
Set velocity devices to destination: LFO device , reset.
Set dest min/max values to zero.

You can also use only one Hydra to do the same.
Set Outputs in hydra to LFO resets. Set Min/Max to zero.

Now change the input (rightclick and change the input value on top of each pattern) and the LFO’s will reset.

two checkboxes, “reset At Song Start” And “reset At Pattern Start”, which make the LFO do just that.

cheers! Hydra didn’t even occur to me… slaps forehead

Yeah, but that will force you to put a hydra in each track that contains LFO’s.
+1 For the original idea in the title since it is not deterministic where the LFO is when you don’t have a ground zero.