Reset Slider Value To Default Via Gesture

I would like to suggest the ability to reset a sliders value to its default via a gesture such as
double clicking on the slider knob, or CTRL+Click on the knob.

This would enable, for example, resetting the pan slider to center, or the gain slider to unity (0)
very quickly.


You can do this in Renoise 2.5 by double clicking a sliders names -> for example “Volume” in the device that’s added by default into every track…

CTRL+Click is for recording, right clicking on Macs, double clicking felt just “wrong” and confusing, so we ended up with this…

And double clicking elsewhere on the device surface minimizes :D Cool:P
Many nice surprises…

Thanks for the tip - just tested in 2.5 beta.

However, I can’t find a way to reset the pan/gain sliders in the mixer - do you think something could
be done there too ?

ps. A very nice list of changes in 2.5 - well done