[resolved:sys-update] Mac Os Vsti Problem

ok i have another problem on mac os and renoise <_<

when i vsti opens a message windows and i need to confirm something by clicking e.g. on “yes” or “no” nothing happens on mouse clicks and i can’t close that window. only thing that helps is to kill the renoise process. but of course that doesn’t solve my problem.

any suggestions? is it just me that i still don’t quite understand mac os?

EDIT: i just realized it happens also in the native application (e.g. reaktor 5) that it doesn’t response to mouse clicks. so its not a renoise thing after all. anyway has anyone suggestions on this?

Usually there are shortcut keys to enforce focus on a window or dialog.
I don’t know them for the Mac, but if that combination does not force focus on that dialog of your VSTI then i would advise you to file a bug-report at the plugin builders

ok the problem was an incompatibility with leopard. just updated my software. :)