Resynthesis On Sample

I was thinking about the instrument page. Renoise biggest pro is the fact that you can mangle loops in a both really efficent and simple way but why can’t we expand this to further sonic possibilites

look at this

in the beginning duda show a resynthesis engine witch would be totally wonderfull on renoise. this with 2 morphing filter (ala EMU sampler) in parrallel or serial would open totally nu sonic soundscape

what do you think of this ?

The internal nerve scope looks innovative. Nerve seems to convert a traditionnal sound waveform into a flexible kind of “vector” graphs with points lines curves things like that. You can perform lots of new interesting tweaks on vector graphics. When the precalc button is pressed, the vector graphics are converted back into a standard scope waveform and then routed to the audio output.

exactly it would turn the sampler of renoise into a XXI century synthetiser. imo it’s would be some much better than to have a usual VA synth in renoise

Nerve looks seriously cool. I think the PWM like effect on any sample is truly innovative. I guess is a matter of time stretch/compress negative/positive parts of the sample. I’ve never seen that before…