Retain MIDI input settings when replacing instruments?


When I load in replacement instrument all the midi settings reset.

Steps to reproduce look like this:

  1. Launch Renoise
  2. Open the demo song “Vivace - Jong Belegen”
  3. Click “MIDI”
  4. Change “Input Device”, “Channel”, “Start note”, “End note” and “Assigned track”
  5. Load a replacement intrument

Expected results:

The new intrument loads without resetting the midi settings

Actual results:

The new intrument resets all the midi settings

I doubt this is a bug, all settings on each tab are part of the instrument itself, they are not global options (with exception of the plugin pin behavior now).
Being able to have some kind of preset would be nice but is also quite a volatile solution: What if your instrument is loaded on a different hardware setup? you would loose your linked midi device anyway.

If it’s not a bug how does reseting the midi settings every time I replace an instrument add to productivity? The midi settings should be seperate.

The midi settings don’t reset, the settings that the instrument was saved with are reloaded. Are you using Beta 4 currently?
I do recall there was some issue with midi in one of the earlier Betas.

I just tried saving and copying instruments with specific midi settings and all settings were nicely saved and copied, not reset.

Im using beta 4 (64bit Linux).

It might help if I explain my setup…

I have an mpd32. In Renoise I have mapped each pad to a seperate track using the new midi splitting options. If I replace my bass drum instrument with another all midi (“Input Device”, “Channel”, “Start note”, “End note” and “Assigned track”) in Renoise for the mpd32 pad are reset.

Changing sounds on Poise has no effect on Renoises midi settings.
Changing sounds on TX16Wx has no effect on Renoises midi settings.
Changing sounds on Renoise’s internal sampler resets Renoises midi settings.

So, unless I’m mistaken you are actually using 16 different instruments just to capture the MIDI from the mpd32?

A tool I wrote, Duplex Keyboard, can make the keyboard (pads in your case) target the instrument instead of the other way around.
Let me just try to create a configuration for the mpd32

Hey Danoise :)

Yeah Im using 16 diffrent instuments so that I can record each drum pad into its own track. It cuts down faffing about when Im arranging. Thank you both for trying to help.

Here you are - install Duplex, then copy the attached file to the Duplex/Controllers/ folder (overwrite the existing mpd32 folder)
Note that you can open the tool folder by using the tool browser: right-click, View in Explorer/Finder etc.

If you are using the standard layout for the mpd32, you should have 16 pads that you can route to whatever instrument/track that you would like.
These settings are kept between sessions, but not saved per-song (that might be a useful addition in a case like this)

Cheers Danoise :D

I set this up. The pads light up but the sequencer and instruments are showing no input. The midi page is showing input. I have not setup the mpd32 as a master keyboard.
Is pad 1 the bottom left in your config?

Duplex receives MIDI data directly from the controller, so you shouldn’t use Renoise prefs but rather the device settings in Duplex to select the MIDI input and output ports
It should be plug and play once you define these ?

Mappings are done in a pattern starting from the bottom left corner, working it’s way upwards.
So yes, pad one would be that one.

Same results as before: The keys lightup but its not passed to Renoise. I had a look at the “MPD32_pads.xml”. It uses “pad=“key””. The original (“MPD32.xml”) uses “pad=“button””. Could that be the reason its not working?

Figured it out :D
I had to turn on OSC (edit>preferences>OSC)
It works perfectly. Cant thank you enough.

“Technically” it’s indeed not a bug and 2.8 behaves the same way, but I see your point. Would be nice if Renoise retains MIDI routing of an instrument when loading in a new XRNI and also does not duplicate it when for example duplicating an instrument. Basically should act like a song property and not like an instrument setting, so you can easily swap instruments in a setup.

But if we do this then we’re obviously losing the ability to attach/save MIDI input settings with a XRNI. Because MIDI input devices are a very local thing (setup dependent), this probably isn’t expected anyway.

Let me move this to the Suggestions forum. Probably someone else has a different opinion on this…

Here is a rough idea on how it could be handled in a manner that seems OK interface wise:

Dialogue “Import MIDI settings from new instrument?” with options yes/no when overwriting an XRNI with another.

Tick in main preferences: “Ask to retain MIDI settings when replacing instrument”.

If MIDI settings are identical, the dialogue doesn’t pop up.

I do propose to always save the settings along with the instrument (inside the song).

Then this:

Could easily fall under “Load with options” (add checkbox:load instrument its stored midi properties), this already exists and the dialogue only pops up when wanted and not when there are difference. (you don’t want to confirm for every instrument in a song or every instrument that you load)

+1, very much agreed.

I’ll need someone to help me out here and describe how it’s useful to save port settings with the instrument.

Except for when I’m triggering from outside Renoise, and I obviously need to wire ports up to instruments, I leave the default alone. (all inputs, current track)

Who’s actually using this save with instrument feature? And how?