Dear people,

due to various requests and the very positive feedback on “new spirits”:

Cheezy, trancy & trashy, already back in 2003… Synth1 (freeware) ruled my VSTi world:…retaliation.mp3

It’s never too late to retaliate!

A classic :)

You could (can) have had a hit with this with some song to it and with some fatter stringpads…

Nice tune again man!
Can I have the .rns?

once again back here’s the inkennyble!
welps, what else can i say besides the fact that this is one of the most appealing tunes of your personal song-repertoire, mr. kennster.
i know this one since quite a while, and yet it sounds like a fresh summer breeze everytime i press play on my virtual tape.
refreshing, uplifting and a proper dose of cheesyness.
especially like the way you stage the vocal hooks… splendid stuff!

@dblue: get outta here! cool to read you around! always a pleasure to receive positive feedback from my jedi masters :wink:

@splajn: you don’t happen to be a singer, ? :wink:

@tnt97: The .rns is classified. I could send it to you, but then I’d have to kill you. </quote off> :wink: This is a real VSTi monster. You’re better off with the .mp3, trust me.

@keith303: thanks for hitting reply while you already suffered from listening to this one years ago -> “la familia” :wink:

A bit slower and cheesier than what I would normally listen to, but that it is able to be compared to what I “listen to” is a compliment in itself. Certainly a very slick track. Nicely made.

funk that what a wonderfull track this is! Like the raw beat base line and the harmonic atmosphere . Fascinated through out the whole track ! Fresh and very much alive ! yeah awesome track m8!

This may be an older one, but it’s simply a great track.

The breaks are all an appropriate length, done at the appropriate times. Just when my mind starts thinking it’s going to repeat something too many times, it changes. The instrumentation is done very well. The overall mix is great too.

Wow, really nice melodies, i’ll also like your vocal usage and fx. Top!

@alexstrain: thanks for the compliment :wink:

@nebula: glad I didn’t disappoint you yet. I’m trying hard to keep back all my embarassing stuff anyway :wink:

@Kizzume: Nice to hear that you’re d’accord with the timing. Although I think the middle-part (with the chopped vocals) could’ve been a little longer…

@Beatslaughter: Cheezy melodies and embarassing vocals are always a must to myself :wink: