Retina Lag (High CPU activity)

(vV) #21

Perhaps if they reverse that fix and also apply this reversion on the Retina display, all should go well then i suspect? :D

(Hansee) #22

Hehe, I will suggest that, hehe.

I still have dialog with Apple regarding this, so hope there will be a solution real soon.

There won’t be any tracking before this is solved :(

Am I the only cookie with this problem in here? :smashed:

(Hansee) #23

So the answer from Apple after testing 32-bit and 64-bit on 13 and 15-inch MacBook Retina was that it is a software issue. i.e. Renoise.

Can anyone in here relate to this problem or confirm that it is NOT a Renoise?

(keith303) #24

as long as

is true, the assumption

is false.

(Hansee) #25

It turns out that the HD-video had the same type of “lag” on my other computer. I wish it wasn’t so though …

(vV) #26

Yes it is not Renoise.
If it worked perfectly on your external screen and that screen started also displaying the same problem as the Retina display after a Mac-technician “fix”, it is not Renoise and the Mac guys are simply trying to pimp you off with a cheap and easy conclusion.

(Hansee) #27

So, stuck in the beehive then. Sucks goat balls!

(Hansee) #28

The external screen was not Retina, so no wonder it worked on it. It doesn’t mean that Renoise is NOT the problem.

The “fix” was a general update for 15" MacBooks, so no special hack for me.

Will try this “fix” tonight:

(Hansee) #29

No good. Still the same lag in Renoise.

(valankar) #30

Note sure if other people are still having issues, but I am. However I recently did what I described here and the graphics are much smoother:

Basically go to Settings > Display > Color > choose “sRGB IEC61966-2.1”