Retrigger Command Able To Cpu Overload Renoise

Retrigger command is able to crash Renoise at extremely high tempo.

Put your BPM (eg 350) and LPB (eg 16) up, take a sample, trigger it repeatedly, put in the retrigger command with a low value such as 0E02…press spacebar, check the cpu going up and BAM.

Well not much of a problem you can have…I guess.
But just wondering what’s causing this. :P

Post the crash log please? Help -> Show The Log Files

I couldn’t get it to crash (running Renoise on Ubuntu 10.04), but if i do this (and disable CPU overload prevention in preferences) the CPU usage does quickly go up to 99.9% and stay there until a short time after I stop the song from playing.

pretty sure it will happen to other people too (tested on multiple pc’s).


Doesn’t crash here, cpu goes up to 99% and there is a hick up in the scrolling, but no crash. Running on a laptop core 2 duo 2 gHz, 4 gig ram, windows vista.

Doesn’t crash, just plays normally without problems utilising about 8% of the cpu, on renoise 2.5.0

E: at about 700bpm the CPU goes to 99%, but it still plays even at the maximun speed of 999bpm and 256 lines per beat without crashing.

E2: Oh yea and I have E8500 running at 3.8ghz, 4gb ram and vista

oh god, me and my crappy way of saying stuff… need to check twice before posting… <_<

it doesn’t crash ofcourse, it just overloads the cpu just like with you guys…

still, why does it overload? :P

I can’t check the song right now, but I guess the problem may be the fact that the sample jumps are basically cross-faded together with very short clip, if that wouldn’t be done, there would be total clicking hell.

What basically happens when you do very fast retrigger is that you spawn tons of “virtual channels” which are all crossfading. If you find some thing too CPU intensive, use Render to Sample or try with bit smaller retrigger amounts.

yeah, this is strange.

especially since it’s behaving really weird…

194 BPM - lots of CPU
195 to 199 BPM - much less CPU
200 to 204 BPM - lots of CPU
205 to 209 BPM - much less CPU
210 BPM - lots of CPU…

"a spy’s sapping mah renoise :(" :lol: