Retriggering MIDI notes works different than in Renoise 2.8

Open this Renoise file 4560 retrigger-bug.xrns , and watch/listen to the MIDI output.

  • In Renoise 2.8, only the second column is triggered by the Retrigger effect.
  • In Renoise 3.0, both columns are triggered.
  • If you put an OFF note in the first column before the trigger, it does not happen anymore.

It seems to happen only to MIDI instruments, not to sample based instruments.

We’ve indeed changed the retrigger behavior in r3 for MIDI and plugins to make it more consistent with samples: See for the whole story.

This indeed should not “break” old songs, so I guess we should apply new behavior only for new songs made with Renoise 3 then. Will try to get that done for the next beta.

Not sure I understand; currently the behavior is inconsistent with samples. With samples, retriggering will not happen on sustained notes, whereas with MIDI it will.

Please make sure you’re running beta 4. There was another related but fixed bug in b2. In b4 (and earlier Renoise versions) all playing samples will and should get retriggered too.

I am running b4. Try this file 4562 retrigger-bug2.xrns and see if the first column plays for you. For me, the first column is silent except for the first note.

[quote=“k_amlie, post:5, topic:40499”]
I am running b4. Try this file 4562 retrigger-bug2.xrns

The sample is retriggered in this case too. Remove the other notes and increase the level of the envelope a bit to hear that.

Gets even more confusing. In 2.8 (and earlier versions) this:

C-4 .. --- .. -- --  
--- .. G-4 .. -R 08  
--- .. --- .. -- --  

Retriggers the C-4 as well when C-4 is a plugin or a sample, but it does NOT retrigger MIDI instruments. This clearly was just an oversight - definitely not done on purpose.

Could we treat this as a bug that got fixed and simply let MIDI, Samples and plugins always behave the same here? This changes playback of some old 2.8 songs which use MIDI notes and retrigger commands, yes, but only applying such retriggers in specific version of songs does also not really make things easier to explain and maintain.

Sounds alright to me. It’s only a few distinct places where I use Retrigger, and I should be able to work around the change in behavior easily. As long as it’s done for a good reason, and not just a bug, I’m happy!