Return And Enter Keys Are The Same On My Laptop?

Hi ppl!

I have just bought Acer TravelMate 7530 laptop [it has numeric keyboard built in] so it should be perfect for me to make music and use it for Adobe CS design package.

But I noticed, when installed Renoise2.0, that SHIFT+RETURN does not select instrument nearest the cursor in tracker.

Then I found that hitting RETURN key and ENTER key brings the same effect - it plays song in 1/4 loop.

Do you have any idea what to do and make Return and Enter work as it should???

Well - I’ve found that clicking key and brings real Return function [!] and selecting instrument behind the cursor I can get if click + + . Great, it works. But needs more keys to press.

Do you know why it is working this way, why Enter and Return have the same code and is there anywhere I can disable Fn combination key and make Return work as it should? Maybe some Keyboard Shortcuts program for Windows or so? I have never used laptop before, so I dont know all tricks. Maybe there is option[s] in Bios or so? I have been checking for such a option but couldnt find it.

All best

laptops do not have numpad, mainly that’s why the Fn key is there and Return and Enter are the same.

I suggest you to buy an external USB numpad