Happi new Yearzz Homiezz!!!

I made a smal new Doofer which isnt that stupit at All!!

REVERB-O-MAT (LoFi-Reverb-with-Maggi!) Maggi iss german Magic you can putt inyur Soupzz:grin:

  • DRiVE is the overall DRIVE of the FX
  • NOiZE is a added LoFi Noize to Reverb
  • SiZEE is the overall Size of Reverb
  • WiDTH is the Stereo Witdh of Reverb
  • WETT Reverb Wet Signal only
  • DrYY Reverb Dry Signal only
  • MAGGi This is a Secret & ADDSS SOME MAGIC to the Sauce!!

Hope You people like it - Letzz me know.

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Good one my friend, thanks a lot and a happy new year to you too.