Reverb Tailing Outside Of Sample Selection

that would be cool don’t you think? y;know, when you hit ‘FX’ at the moment all the revern happens INSIDE the sellection.


  • load a sample
  • add a reverb to a track
  • go to sample editor
  • select part of the sample
  • press “FX” to apply reverb to the sample

the reverb applies only to the selection. this also applies to a “select-all” kind of selection, which could maybe add new sample data

Right now you can paste in empty space after a sample before you hit the fx button, but it would be nice if this tail rendering applied automatically. Would be nice if the added latency (empty space before the sample) after rendering could be cut automatically aswell.

(It is strange but in a program like wavelab only timeworks reverb automatically renders in a tail, all of the other plugins won’t, even if the ‘no tail’ checkbox is untouched)

I was aware of this and I vaguely suspected that’s what he meant, heh. Just wasn’t quite in the right frame of mind to decipher the post last night.