Reverb ?

What Reverb vst ? engine do you use, whats the best ???

I use FreeVerb. As the name suggests, it’s free. It sounds good (better than the renoise verb IMO).

Just google it . :slight_smile:

I currently use Ultrafunk’s fx:reverb.

I have been thinking of getting RoomVerb M2 but I dunno yet.

In my opinion, NBM StudioVerb is easily the best free reverb effect:

In fact, it beats the crap out of at least half of the commercially available reverb effects - it sounds crisp and clear, and the diffusion is far more dense than in most software reverbs … some will get the first impression that it’s “noisy” - that the reverb always sounds like a “wooosh” regardless of the input you feed it, but just tweak the parameters for a bit, and you’ll see … it really is extremely good :)