reverse mouse button for VSTs

hey, i was wondering why mouse button preferences didn’t transfer over to VSTs … i’m a lefty and always using my “alt” button on my trackball is a little tedious when editing VSTs.

are mouse button functions defined in VSTs, or is this something that may be possible to change? i pray to god for the latter :(

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I’d guess you have to change this in the windows control panel.

in windows mouse control pannel i have it set up for my backwords preference. windows behaves correctly for me like this.

in renoise everything like setting favorite folders and so on acts fine (i forget if i defined any mouse buttons differently for it within renoise config but i don’t think so).

only when i go in to edit a VST in renoise do my mouse buttons get switched and i have to use my alternate mouse button to perform regular clicking.

have any other left-handers experienced this? maybe i’m alone :(

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