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A lot of people don’t know that the actual mastermind behind predator and blue is ’ concrete fx’ …( forget his name )…Rob papen is just a fancy nameof a famous preset designer ( who needs presets anyway )…so saying that he actually developed his own synths is not true …he designed the presets and maybe some brainstorming about the concept of the synth …but he ain’t a coder that’s for sure

Actually, I don’t say anywhere in the review that Rob Papen coded it. I said that he started his own line of synthesizers, which is true. I have, however, located concrete fx and have emailed for clarification on his involvement, and if necessary, I will emend the article.

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he doesn’t simply create presets. he designs the synths but yes, he does not code them.

I heard back from “concrete fx”. Apparently the name is derived from a company he used to own called concrete fx. His name is Jon. He describes their relationship as a partnership. Both he and Rob have been sent copies of the review. For now, I’m going to keep the review as it stands. If either of them feel a need to correct (or clarify) the relationship and how it relates to the product, I will edit the article.

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good synth. i’ve had a few interface issues with this badboy and renoise though. nothing i cant work around, but i find this is the case with a few vsts and renoise.