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I have linked Renoise at SonicState in the sequencer section to get the name up there and some attention. If you want you can put your review comments there.

Nice one. One thing I realy wonder though, is it realy a steep learning curve for new users? I see trackers in general as much easier to learn than old fasioned sequencers… but I’ve been using trackers since the late 80’th so I’m maybe not the right man to tell ;) :D

Well that’s what I hear… People understand the concept of a pianoroll better/quicker, I guess. I’ve heard someone say that Renoise looked like a computer program from The Matrix :D

Trackers require some learning, while pianoroll is understandable at first sight. You just look at the keyboard on the left and click anywhere with you mouse, that’s it. Trackers are IMO much more effective when working on most of the stuff, but IMO they’re not as easy as pianoroll sequencers.

Well it depends really. I haven’t been in contact with musicproduction for a long time yet (2001). Since then I have downloaded and tried a lot of different programs.

I didn’t understand traditional sequencers at first because they emulate a hardware environment (silly developers). But trackers were quite easy to grasp in general. The interface as a whole is easier to understand than a tradional sequencer although on a pianoroll the notes are better visible and you quickly see how a track (melody or bassline) is build up.

Especially when you’re not trained in reading music or don’t play an instrument a piano roll is a visually easier way to get a hang of a music.

Right now I’m waiting for the first tracker to have a multipattern sequencer similar to the playlist in FLStudio. FL Studio is so incredibly fast in quickly clicking a song together and then concentrate on the details. The patterns enable you to experiment with different combinations easily.

Oh and the keyboard shortcuts don’t work in favour for beginners. One would expect more tradional shortcuts for copying and pasting and selecting these with the mouse like in Windows. MPT is really nice in this aspect… real friendly for beginners and I’m curious to see how the development goes now that it is open source.

i had trouble learning trackers at first… although you know how it works in general, but there are certain beginner stuff that we take for granted. like what are instruments vs samples…

but once you learn tracking, it’s darned efficient… :)

I should mention that reading a short tracker tutorial (2-4 pages) helps too instead of the near 100 pages or more manuals of traditional sequencers.

This might be a nice idea for the renoise install: to have an option to open up the tutorial section of the manual (or a seperate file). Most of the stuff “we take for granted” is mentioned there.