Reviewing Samples

Hi Everyone.

Does anyone know of a good tool for quickly browsing and playing (previewing) sound samples? I am a subscriber to Computer Music and I always end up with a DVD packed full of sound samples. Problem is I have no means of single clicking on them and hearing what the sound like in a short time.

Anyone know of such a utility?


If you’re using windows, as a workaround you can configure explorer to single click instead of double click - using that in combination with winamp would give the desired result. But there surely are freeware apps for this also.

Total Commander is helpful for this thing. There was some extension/script/plugin or whatever that enabled sound preview on samples. I used it long time ago when categorizing samples.

Just hit CTRL+Q for the quickview in Total Commander and it will preview most wave files.

For additional formats you may install the plugin linked below in Total Commander. It’s quite flexible and you can add support for FLAC samples with a plugin from the BASS site.

I am using a tool called “loophorse” which enables you to preview wavfiles and add them to a list (by pressing space) of files which can later be copied/zipped. The tool is abit buggy and slow but the best I ever found.

The PicaView plugin for (Windows) Explorer lets you right-click MP3s and WAVs (and videos and images) to hear (see) a preview right in the context menu.

It is payware but too valuable not to get :)

Hmm… Well I gave LoopHorse a go but its not what I’m after. The problem with all of these browser tools is that they are just extensions (or variances) of the Windows Explorer. The thing I hate the most is the fact that you can’t just see all the sample files on a CD or DVD in a flattened view. I’m stuck with the tree view and thats the main problem.

Any of you guys remember the “SLIST” button that was on the Amiga OctaMED program? Thats what I’m lookin for. Its gotta be quick and fast. Surely I don’t have to write my own… :frowning: I use this Explorer2 Lite … It’s free and does the trick … Autoplays most common sound files… I use this when I’m reviewing my samples and sorting them in catalogs… works really nice fore me.

but then you can use the totalcommander approach and use the “search”-option to list all wav-files on a cd/dvd. or the explorer-search for that matter.