Rewire Ableton

i was wondering if anyone in here have try’d to rewire ableton as a slave for renoise? (2.1)

if yes… a recipe would be killer=)

i think he thinks that we think he thinks that we are stupid… i think his right :wacko:

any advice on how to “import” my renoise programmed beats to ableton would be nice, also.

uuuugh! this is embarrassing…
apparently i have a tendency to trip before the logic is received in my head…

anyway problem solved.

1 open renoise

2 activate rewire device (choose ableton live)

3 then open ableton

the way i did it was… which is wrong

1 open renoise

2 open ableton

3 activate rewire device (choose ableton live)

I’m very sorry for being this dumb normally i think people shouldnt be sorry for that
but in this case i am… at least sorry for my self :(

PS. regarding your question rappscallion.

you can render you song under the file drop down menu then you can import the rendered file to ableton.
you can also do it the rewire way as i just have explained. and then use renoise and ableton at the same time
this require renoise v2.1