Rewire: Automating Live8's Operator From Renoise

am i missing something or does ableton live not support automation by a rewire master?
the only thing i seem to be able to control is the PitchBend.

Unless I’m mistaken: yes, Ableton doesn’t support this. I first thought you could probably control the macro controls of an Instrument Rack with CC’s, but it seems they do not allow/support this via the ReWire MIDI ports.

But you could map virtual MIDI ports like MIDI Yoke to the macro controls and send those form Renoise, or you simply draw the automation in Live only…

thanks for clarifying. just wanted to know if i’m doing something wrong or if it’s just ableton limiting things.
after making my post here i gave reason a try and using that i even get a detailed text-description for the available parameters in the CC drop-down list.
too bad ableton didn’t see the need for implementing this.

Yeah I was a little upset at Live’s limitation here, but I was used to using Live before Renoise.
The ability to use a pencil tool on automation got me wondering whether that would be a nice addition to renoise.