Rewire into Renoise

I like to rewire into Renoise. What I’d like to do is use midi to play the instruments via rewire.

But nothing shows up nowhere… Is this possible?

Im using Reaper to test this. I had DX disabled in Reaper. Now the rewire works, But the midi is not sending? I have a working scenario tho, audio works, channels are present… I think i need a virtual cable?

Yes, Got this working using Loopmidi. It’s not particularly tight tho… But it probably can be solved since it’s a constant delay.

Yeah it’s not ideal. I’ve found I can usually adjust for latency discrepancies between audio and MIDI (using a virtual cable) from rewired Renoise, but it can be a pain making sure latency is perfectly corrected for. I tend to do all or most MIDI in Renoise and just send audio to Reaper (Reaper as Rewire master), because dealing with sending MIDI and audio into Reaper from Renoise can become a headache with a lot of tracks. I think I can see how implementing ReWire MIDI out in Renoise might be a big problem, though, the relationship between instruments and MIDI tracks isn’t like other DAWs at all.

Came to the same conclusion. It’s just not optimal. Also you could have Renoise as the master, getting some tracks in from Reaper. And have MIDI at the same time. Or don’t ReWire at all and have MIDI.