Rewire Issue....

Ok I am trying to rewire in synths from reason and I have run into a small problem when trying to record different synths (not at the same time)…

Here is the procedure for recording, for example a malistron synth and then a subtractor synth overtop on a different track:

  1. Open Renoise, then reason, then set up the malstrom in reason
  2. select rewire input from track DSP’s on track 1- select reason and input L and R
  3. Go to Instrument settings and then select ext midi and chose the device (malstrom)- Can hear and record fine, so I record a melody onto track 1

Now, heres the problem:

then I go over to track 2, go back to reason and set up a different instrument (subtractor synth) and put the outputs into 2, 3 (in reason) and then set up a new rewire input on track 2 with the inputs from ext midi to 2, 3 and then I go to record but as soon as the track starts running, the melody from the previously recorded synth on track 1 starts playing through my new synth (subtractor). Doesnt this sound messed up? Its like there is a ghost in the computer trying to sabotage my musical endeavours… or perhaps Im just new to the program and dont fully understand it yet… one of the two possibilities…

If anyone knows some easy fix to this that would be great! Do I have to freeze tracks or something? Please tell me this is not some stupid mac problem like the thing with the f keys!

Have you got a bought, full version of Renoise?

If not:

Otherwise, sorry can’t help, don’t use ReWire personally.

as kazakore suggested, make sure you’re using the full registered version of renoise in order to use rewire properly on multiple reason devices

i use reason6 and renoise without any troubles, and here’s how i setup things (in this order):

  • launch renoise and add a #ReWire input device, click Device and select Reason
  • reason launches as rewire slave

in reason:

  • flip to the backside view of the rack, so you can manually route things
  • add a malstrom device
  • connect the DIRECT OUT from the malstrom mix device to two of the blue audio input channels (in the reason AUDIO I/O interface), for example pair 3 & 4
  • add a subtractor device
  • connect the DIRECT OUT from the subtractor mix device to two of the blue audio input channels (in the reason AUDIO I/O interface), for example pair 5 & 6

in renoise:

  • on each track/channel you want to be able to mute, put dsp effects on, etc you add a #ReWire Input device first in the dsp chain
  • in each such #ReWire Input device you click into Channel and then select the reason channel stereo pair you want to use - for example if you want to control malstrom from the above config you select channels 3 & 4
  • in renoise’s instrument list/sample slots (the top right corner area), you select an empty slot and then go Instrument Settings -> Ext. MIDI and select the reason device you want to control from renoise in the Device list

now if you want to record the midi streams that renoise is sending to reason, just arm the record button for the malstrom and subtractor tracks in reason’s Sequencer and hit record from reason’s transport and it will be recorded into the sequencer

note: if you’re mainly using renoise to record stuff into reason, then observe that in reason 6 when you create for example a subtractor, you’ll have two devices for that subtractor in reason (the subtractor itself and the mix device for it) … i recommend that you route the mix device’s direct outs to reason’s audio i/o stereo channels rather than only the subtractor device’s out

because that way you can record stuff into reason, save the reason song, and then load it up in the 64-bit version and use the SSL9000k modeled main mixerboard in reason for mixing

Ok I just figured out the problem! It was that I was not selecting an empty slot in the instrument list so it was causing all newly added reason instruments to overlap with the previously added instrument. I think I have ficed the problem. Also, yes I do have a legit full version of Renoise 2.7.

By the way how is reason 6? I still use reason 5, and even some people argue that after 4 the sequencer got too complicated and all that… Are you liking the new devices?

yes, i love the new devices, especially the pulversier is really useful for me

but what i like the most in reason 6 is the ssl9000k modeled mixer, i’m mixing very fast on it to get the results i want

that mixer feels to me almost as the mixer equivalent of renoise’s pattern editor in that i can overview and control everything directly

and now that reason 6 is also 64-bit, i feel i’ll never hit the ram limits again

Wow perhaps I will have to think about it at some point. However I think right now I need to keep working on the old song writing skills. One thing that I just discovered in the past few days that has been of great use to me has been this: never discount the usefulness of the trusty subtractor and malstrom. Previously I had been under the impression (probably from viewing other forums) that people felt that the subtractor was thin sounding and that the malstrom was cheap compared to the thor. However I just leaned that both Luke Vibert and Flying Lotus have been using reason all by itself for pretty much all of their albums, and older versions of reason at that! I downloaded Viberts song files off of the propellerhead cite and it seems that he really uses the subtractor for all those lush sounding organ chords he plays, he just doubles them up (one in L and one paned to R) and throws some nice reverb on them and always sends EVERYTHING to fully cranked sends of two identical compressors to beef it up. Given that he first hear about Reason from Aphex Twin I would imagine that some of the Aphex stuff we hear on the Tuss songs and maybe the early 2000’s records may have a bit of Reason on it. So, the moral of the story is to not listen to all those people who like to say that reason is just for cheezy trance ad all that.

Go in peace my reason using friends.

Do you use the redrum rewired to renoise? If so how do you make use of it? Im finding it a bit tough to record the step sequencer and then theres the whole bit about trying to put different effects on each drum…

Just use renoise to trigger the reason devices …I just can’t use that reason sequencer …its awfull

You dont like the step sequencer on the redrum? I mean I dont like the way the main sequencer of reason( recording interface) but Im talking about the drum machine sequenver on the redrum, that thing is great and if you could get it into renoise that would be amazing.

sorry, i don’t use the redrum’s step sequencer at all in reason6

i sequence everything related to reason’s drums from renoise, it’s much more powerful to me

also i use kong rather than redrum

Oh Ok cool. So when you lay down drums, how exactly do you go about it ? Do you work per pattern and add in all the kicks and then the snare etc? Do you do the kicks for 2 bars then go on to other drums? The whole tracker layout has been a bit of a shock to me since Im used to using a step sequencer or playing the drums by hand…