rewire latency

I was fiddling with renoise -> rewire -> reaper on my new computer recently. It’s pretty decent (razer blade), so I figured I could try pushing the latency down. While latency is almost nil within renoise alone, when I rewire into reaper the latency is noticeable (by ear, probably somewhere between 20-50ms), even when the buffer sizes in reaper / asio4all are at their lowest possible settings.

Is this a known issue with rewire in general, with renoise’s implementation of rewire, with reaper, or with the renoise/reaper combo? In the past I’ve stuck to one DAW at a time, so I’ve never delved too deeply into rewire combinations.

There are different causes that stack up to the latency, it depends on if the master supports delay compensation for ReWire as well if you could remove the noticable effects during play, but i’m not sure if latency values are shared between hosts and i doubt it can be resolved easily during recording if the master doe not support quantization.