Rewire License

Just out of curiosity …but the implementation of rewire must have cost some money to use the technology ?
How come it is not listed in the about screen …?

Since this release is still a beta and not a final release. (i guess)

I think the license is free, but you have to be a company to the license. I know that’s how madtracker got its license. I dont know what’s going to happen with Madtracker 3 when it’s going open source, if their removing the support or not.

The front-site pages have not been updated yet but all used technology is updated on the credits page here:

Yes, there is no fee, you just need to register at Properllerheads. So the license never was the problem, but a missing “idea” (technically) on how to realize ReWire in Renoise, which we obviously had now ;)

This means that .REX support and a slicer will inevitably come in the future too :wink: