Rewire Renoise.


Will there be any plans ever to develop rewire for renoise or a VST/DXI like version that will auto sync with other sequencers (like what Fruityloops DXI does)? I write music professionally for TV/commericals/video games/artists and use Sonar 3 / Protools mostly. Growing up I used amiga trackers from 1984 to around 1995 so I am very fond of the format and would love to incorperate the two better somehow. Midi syncing works okay but untimately what would REALLY cross planform renoise would vst / rewire intergration. The way I look at this is.

Renoise - Drums, electronica patterns, complete high resolution control.

Sonar 3 piano roll - Good for sequenced feelings in such as scores, or slower based music.

I would be in heaven if you let renoise intergrate into Sonar and would feel this would open ALLOT more doors for possible buyers looking for alternative pattern based sequencing with there native packages.

Please let me know.


Thinking about this more, a VST / DXI windowed version of renoise able to load into a vst host like Cubase SX, Sonar, Nuendo, Fruityloops would give you guys a flood of new registered buyers. I know allot of people personallly that wish some tracker based sequencing could intergrate into what they use natively as a sequencer.

Not only does this allow other user based sequencers access to tracker sequencing synced, but also allows current renoise users flexability. Imagine one of the renoise users purchasing Sonar or Cubase and still having access to this amazing software. This would also lock your user base for pruchasing upgrades even if they move onto a new platform! Hope you guys really would consider this.


please make a search over the forum with the word Rewire in the search field, and you will see thast we are aware of the Rewire problem.

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I wasnt looking for a answer, but was making a suggestion. I already did that search and see you dont have rewire.

Since I registered a year and a half ago, this is a feature I have been very interested in.

I second this totally. I know implementing rewire slave is difficult, even more so than implementing rewire host but I’d still love to see this happend.

I’ve owned Renoise for quite some time now and I love it to bits but I don’t really get to use it much because i’m dependent on some stuff that would be even harder to implement (that Nuendo2 allready have).

Being able to route channels from Renoise directly into n2 via rewire and mix from there (with audio/recording, full plugin delay compensation, an awesome mixer and what have you) would be a dream come true for me. :rolleyes:

I’m not sure I actually speak for the whole community here, but I’d love to see this get high priority in terms of development!


This isnt just good for us, its good business. Youll open up a massive market to alternative sequencing for people that depend on other software for business but crave tracker based input. Not sure if this would be easier but fruityloops did a fantastic job of creating a DXI interface slave for Sonar / cubase / host apps. Would making a vst/dxi link to Renoise be easier then rewiring?


i think reWire would be a good thing for renoise to support, since it’s fast becoming a standard of software interconectivity.

i also think that so many aspects of renoise core are still in development that i’d be afraid that adding support for it now might impair the stability of the program…

but it would be REALLY nice :)

Actually you CAN control Renoise with Cubase or Nuendo 2.0…

Go here…


Thanks for the tip, but just because you can push a cardbord box down a hill doesn’t make it a car. :D

I’m sure this setup is useful for alot of people, but you can’t compare being able to start and stop renoise from cubase to a rewire bridge.

Kindest Regards,

Midi time code is far from having audio ported to the host or having channel / track controls. Its just not about stop / play function but complete intergration. Renoise would step a huge step in the professional market if they include such flexability.

i completely agree! it would be really handy to have Renoise included as a VstI in a hostsequencer and thus being able to record the seperate channels during live-playback. i 'd really like that.

renoise as rewire = flooooooooooood of users

Hmm why not making a renoise Multi mod. that replaces the pianoroll of the others hosts, with a renoise tracking solution. ? don’t know if it’s legal or possible, but FXFreeze is a mod for cubase, so why should it not be possible to make the tracker modification ??

I would paaaay more then twice the price of Renoise for this Mod.


or let us ask steinberg for making cubase itself to VSTi :P :lol: :D (joke) for use it in Renoise!

i think some or most people are waiting since years for a Tracker-sequencer in any pro piano-roll-sequencer like cubase or something like that.
but Renoise is a sequencer/soundsystem/sampler itself. as a vsti so much things wihtin Renoise would be useless … and i think that’s not the sense of Renoise. Why the dev team coding sooo much if Renoise would be only a sequencing-addon for cubase or sonar (vsti/dx).

i prefer to use renoise as my main sequencer and wish all usefull and important features of piano-roll-sequencers and soundsystems in Renoise. and thats the development i want to see. not a subordination to other software - other software must support Renoise! that what i want to see B)

i agree the possibilty to sync and control other software via midi or rewire (don’t know what rewire is exactly) should be enhanced really!

There is no reason why not to have adaptability / compatibility with major host applications. People like me make money using music tools, tools used in the industry make a great deal of money. While renoise is excellent for pattern based input sqeuencing, your missing piano roll “feel” input, timestretching, limitiless audio recording “vocals”, export compatibilty, client acceptance, easy bounce audio engine for vsti based synths, etc etc. There is no end all application so this is why having a ablility to incorperate host / client software makes companies allot of money and get noticed.

The great thing with converting renoise to rewire or vst is you can still use either the host or the rewire client as your main sequencer application. That way you have the best of both worlds and no reason why not to accept this feature. Your arguement that cubase or sonar would have to adapt to renoise does not apply here. Please look further into rewire host / client information.


well i know i know … but Renoise reached a big compatibility to nearly all VST(i)'s … has good features with MIDI … Renoise has the best chances to get an pro status in sequencing if the note-resolution is enhanced and piano-roll is implemented …
i think the dev team should concentrate on building new and bigger features like Rewire as mixer (host) application (I’ve now informed about Rewire ;) ) and not to build down Renoise to a small VSTi for sequencing > that’s my only fear and the only thing i think about: that i’m forced to use expensive pro sequencing software with tons of features i will never use for tracker-sequencing. if Renoise’s development goes in this direction … :(

but everything is ok … don’t take me too seriously … the dev team has its own visions i think … and the users too … and that’s reason of this forum, isn’t it!?

You still do not see the picture here. If you choose to rewire lets say Renoise / Sonar, you can use Renoise as you currently do hosting to control Sonar. The whole point here is you dont have to give up a single feature of Renoise but yet have a flood of other tools to access. Nothing to loose here and EVERYTHING to gain. Both program work as one sharing the same audio midi support whatever gui you choose to use. Please take a look at rewire possibilities on the internet.


Some perfect examples here would be Reason 2.5 and Fruityloops. Both have rewire support and have become apart of mainstream professional studios.Both are no less great sequencers. Some users prefer to use lets say reason as the sequencer and cubase sx as the mixing console vst engine. This is all based on preference and makes not one software over shadow the other. Rewire is a blessing no matter what angle you look.

Your fear of Renoise becoming second to a host does not apply. It’s about choices and flexability. With rewire support, renoise would get a flood of new users. This would give the team more money and well win on development.

ok … Dezacrator … i believe in you :rolleyes: B)

Good :yeah: