Rewire slave to ableton: Sharing/using MIDI controller in Renoise

I got a little problem using an akai mpk225 midikeyboard. I can use it for controlling the rewire master which is ableton but can not use it to control the rewireslave renoise 3.01. I will write step by step what happens.

First I open ableton
I open renoise
Renoise asks if it has to be rewired by a host
I click OK
Renoise says it fails to open mme drivers for the akai.
I click OK
Renoise says it fails to open the same mme driver again for a different midi-port
Iclick OK

Renoise rewires to ableton, is in sync starts and stops
I can open an audiotrack in the host and can choose renoise rewire as an audio input
I can use the controller to controll ableton

I can not use the controller to play a Note in renoise or control some midi
I can not choose renoise rewire as a midi output in ableton which should be possible

What is going wrong??

Thanks in advance Jeroen

Most likely your MIDI controller has a driver which does not allow two applications to open it at the same time.

I guess you can be certain by opening Renoise without Ableton (should work) or Renoise, and then Ableton as Rewire slave (now Ableton should fail).

This is quite common, but most likely you can work around this by creating a virtual MIDI cable - you would then feed the MIDI into this cable, and choose the cable as the MIDI input in both Ableton and Renoise.

Different solutions exist for OSX / Windows / Linux. Which platform are you using?

Thanks for the reply!

I am on Windows 7 64.
Renoise or ableton stand alone works fine. When renoise is master I van not control ableton.

But why can I not choose renoise rewire as midi output in ableton? I can not control renoise through ableton.
Or is that just nog possible with rewire?


At the moment renoise does not ‘declare’ any midi inputs to the master daw, the de facto method is using virtual midi cables, I personally use loopmidi. If you want to assign midi CC in renoise via ctrl-m, you’ll have to have that virtual midi port in the master keyboard list in the renoise preferences.

Thanks for your help.

I am going tot give virtual midi cable a try.