Rewire With Logic Pro 7.2

I’ve just downloaded renoise2.1 and am trying to rewire renoise to logic 7.2 (logic as master). (im using OS X 10.4.11 btw)

It seems to sync up ok (when i press play, they both play). But there is no sign of renoise’s audio channels in logic’s inputs where i’d expect to see them (see image below).

I’ve read through these instructions but A. they are for logic 8 and B. you cant set busses as audio inputs in logic 7.2.

So what do i do?


YAY… I got it working.

For future reference here is what i did.

I removed the folder Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software and the file ReWire (which is also in Library/Application Support) - I actually just moved them both to the desktop because I didn’t want to delete them.

Then I started Logic, then ReNoise - a which point it asked to install the rewire files, accept.

Then I closed down renoise, then logic - and then started Logic, then renoise.


Actually, scratch that… I thought I had it working (well I do kinda but I’ve come up against another weirder problem).

As you can see from the pic, this forces most of my other rewire apps to not appear in the list (because i removed the relevant rewire folder).

So I thought “thats fine, i just need to start the apps individually to get them to copy their rewire files to that folder”. So I started reason - it asked for permission to install the files, fine. Then I started MAX/MSP… no such dialog box appeared and when I started logic to check, it wasn’t in the list.

So I went back to the original “propellerheads software” folder that i had moved to the desktop and copied the MAX/MSP rewire alias to the “library/application support/propellerheads software/rewire” folder and started logic to check.

Now, MAX/MSP appears in the list, but Renoise has disappeared!

I removed the MAX/MSP rewire alias, started logic - Renoise is back.

So does this mean there is a conflict between MAX/MSP rewire and Renoise rewire?

Probably they only allow a fixed set of ReWire clients - would be 4 then? If you trash the melodyne device, is the Renoise listed again?

No, makes no difference.

EDIT: I also found this similar issue on the Apple Discussions forum which would seem to suggest that the issue could be with MaxMSP:

I have just emailed Cycling74 support about the issue (copy of the email is below), I will keep you informed of any reply they give.

I just received a reply from Cycling74:

If any Logic 8 / MaxMSP users could recreate this problem - that would be a great help as it could persuade cycling74 to produce a fix… maybe (Yes i know this is moving away from a Renoise issue - but it’s for the greater good, isn’t it?)