Rewire With Max/msp: How To Record The Mix Live?

I just tried out the rewire feature with max/msp (max/msp as slave).

Firstly, its completely awesome, not only can i run beats alongside my live noise patches, but i can also use the renoise effects chains with the noise patches! And i’ll be able to control pattern sequencing from max msp which turns opens up some seriously cool live potential. I didn’t even realise this feature had been added until this morning, feels like christmas :dribble:

This leads me to my next question:

now i’ve got this awesome racket coming out my speakers, is there any way to record it? Now I realise that I could setup a record object in max msp and save the data from max there, and then render renoise seperately and combine the two (i’d need to work out a way to sync them)… but especially since i’m using the renoise effects and manipulating everything live, it’d be better if i could record everything at once some other way…

so i guess what i would want is a way to either record the max/msp audio directly into renoise, live, or else a way to record the whole mix from renoise, as its performed live.

unless i could pipe the renoise mix back into max msp to record with an object there. but i’m guessing you can’t do that with renoise as master.

hmm, now that i think of it, since i intend to mess around with the renoise playback position too, what i really need is probably some sort of external hardware recorder. curses, shouldn’t have sold that minidisc deck!!

you can’t record stuff live using just renoise.
your idea of routing back to max could work. don’t know how you’d route back to it though.

got any simple patches that make renoise and max work through rewire?
i can’t figure it out.

if you use Max/MSP as the master, it’s much easier to manipulate and record everything live. (i’m using Max5) check out the ‘position $1’ message to the rewire~ object in max/msp, works well to mess with playback position in Renoise… (see reference page for all the messages to rewire~ object… so many allow you to tweak Renoise playback and send MIDI messages to add/edit/control your Renoise sequence in real-time)… once Max is running as rewire Master/Mixer, it’s easy to take Max’s audio and Renoise’s audio, mix them together, manipulate them further(separately or mixed) and record your live mix on-the-fly…

make sure you have the latest Renoise 2.1 beta version installed… then see docs… it’s pretty simple but here’s how i got it started with Max5 as the master and Renoise as slave:
0. First time you try this, Start-up Renoise and check out how to set it to use other devices as slaves while it is Master from the included docs of Renoise2.1beta. Do this first so that Renoise registers itself as a rewire-capable device… then close Renoise(you might be able to skip this step but i’m including it because this was part of my discovery-process).

  1. Start-up Max, instantiate a rewire~ object, option-click(mac)/alt-click(pc) for the help-file to the rewire~ object.
  2. Select Renoise within the devices menu of the rewire~ object.
  3. Start-up Renoise2.1beta, and authorize Renoise to setup rewire device then use it as slave when prompted to do so upon start-up of Renoise.
  4. Then back in the help-file of Max5 for rewire~, turn up the volume coming out of the rewire~ device and start playback of Renoise by choosing a BPM, sending the start-transport(integer message of ‘1’) and ‘play’ messages, and make sure dac~ is turned on(rewire~ doesn’t work without it).
  5. You should then see Renoise playing… (create message ‘position $1’ to rewire~ with various playback positions in samples going into that message(i.e. ‘0’ will play from beginning, ‘44100’ will play from 1 second into Renoise file(or something like that… if sample-rate is at 44.1kHz))).

Hope that helps!

This rewire addition to Renoise is pretty f-ing suweeeeeeeeet!!! Whereas before, perhaps the sky was the limit… now, there’s just no limit to the sheer awesomeness and bodacity of Renoise(and Max).

im trying to do something similar to this,but with renoise and plogue bidule :D

EDIT:BTW if anyone has some bidule groups,layouts they wanna share please feel free to do so

I’ll try this tonight, but if people like to share patches please do! :)

big help yeah, on i’m on it. you’re right max as master might be the way to go… either way i need to explore both

it is so unbelievably cool i have no words. it completes the triforce of renoise, max, rewire!

Just find a VST that streams audio to the disk and put it on the Renoise master. Here, I’ll even link you to one.

Silverspike TapeIt.

Or you can look for more here.

I would hate running Max as the master. It would drive me nuts, and if you are messing around with Max’s insides and it crashes, you’re screwed. With Renoise as the master, at least Max gives up you’ve still got something running.

Maybe both would go down? I haven’t used ReWire in awhile.

Try using Renoise and Max/MSP simultaneously as slaves to another DAW and record from there (assuming you have another DAW available). I just tried it with Live and it worked as expected. I’m not sure if this would put much extra stress on the CPU or cause stability problems, though if you’re just using the DAW as a mixer I wouldn’t imagine so.