(rewiring Reason Inside Renoise) I Need The Specifics

I’ve been reading the thread about how to Sync Renoise to cubase … and stumbled across thread about rewiring reason into renoise … so far i’ve only seen vague descriptions on how to do it … i downloaded the MIDI yoke … but, i can’t find the rewire device in renoise

what am i doing wrong?

ReWire, as in ReWire developed by Propellerhead Software here in Sweden, is not yet implemented in Renoise, neither as client nor host.

But sure, you can use a “virtual MIDI cable” such as MIDI Yoke to send out MIDI data from Renoise channels to Reason channels. For this purpose, I personally use the LoopBE1 drivers since I find them faster and more accurate.

It is impossible to see what you’re doing wrong. Tell us what steps you have made so far, and it will be easier to help.