Rewiring Renoise To Other Daws

I’ve managed to get Renoise and Reaper successfully rewired but at the moment its only the audio which is being affected… meaning i have to enter notes on the pattern editor for it to get to reaper.

Would I would love to is basically use renoise as a sampler and only have the instruments being ReWired through so I can input the Midi information in Reaper and arrange everything there. sort of a bit like this

Except Reason would be Renoise and Ableton Would be Reaper.

Hopefully this makes sense and would be great if anyone who’s good with this stuff show me how to do it please. Cheers!

At the time being itt’s not possible to control renoise’s instruments over rewire/midi as renoise only accepts 2midiports …
You can see this clearly when you load renoise as a rewire slave in ‘plogue bidule’ renoise only shows up with 2 available midi inputs , so only 2 instruments can be controlled from the rewire host …

  • 1 for unlimited midi ports/channels

ahhh shame, absolutely love the sample editing/sound design/ instrument editor capabilities renoise has. has this been asked for before?

@Letharigk, my curiosity exactly.

i’ve to be able to pull renoise through ableton,
which i’d like to use as more of a stand alone sampler
with an ohm64.

if anyone thinks of something, hit me up.