Rewiring Renoise to Renoise?


I’ve come up against a brick wall with Renoise… The 255 instrument limit.
To work around that I guess I could run 2 instances of Renoise - is it possible to sync 2 instances via Rewire?
I’ve done that with Renoise and Live/Reaper before but not with 2xRenoise :)


I would like to listen a song that contain 255+ instruments!

No, it’s not possible.

Oh god I want to hear this song once its done.

Have you already merged as many one shot samples as possible? And/or if you have instruments that are just duplicated tracks you can merge them into one instrument as well. Obviously the latter won’t work if you have different DSP chains for them.

If you’re not using 100% of the instruments and some of them are just resamples or things you resampled, save as into a new song (just to back them up in case you need to go back) and do the delete unused instruments thing.

ReWire not.
You may perhaps be able to link them using Jack Audio, but Jack has limitations on its own, specially on Windows.

How long does it take to load the 256 instrument song? (I believe the limit is 256)

It depends on what is in it.
256 Midi out instruments are loaded in a jiffy.
256 instances of Kontakt or Symphonic Orchestra with a large sound-pack, might take a little longer :P

maybe redundant to mention :) , but are you aware every instrument can have multiple samples loaded into it?

Thanks for the advice folks.

The bulk of the instruments are aliases to multi-out VSTi.

You can MIDI sync two instances of Renoise.

Could you expand on that a bit please?

heh, you can sync whatever instances with mapping play and stop button on midi cotroller, with maschine micro works 10000% fine ;D


Thanks for all the ideas - very useful.

Another thing you can do is use something like chainer to consolidate some of your vsti’s that all play the same thing.

What is ‘chainer’?

A Vst host that can bounce down plugins to soundfonts and works as a VSTi itself.
I guess if some of your synths only play in unison, they could be loaded in a Chainer VSTi, using only 1 renoise instrument slot.

Bonus: it’s from the brother of the guy who did the Buzz VST wrapper and has the same preset morphing & breeding.

Chainer is a VST in which you can load multiple VST’s into it and play them all as one.