Rex Support

Would love to use my existing rex library in renoise.

Alright big guy…

Only decent way i could see this implemented is if we get the beat slicer. You could load he .rex into the beat slicer and have all the point mapped out…

There could be a licensing issue too

This brings a good point too!

I’ve personally never worked with .REX files in my life but i’m assuming that the file stores information about the samples configuration in the Reason sampler if i’m not mistaken. There’s another thread about the possible implementation of a Renoise “Slicer” and why not making some ".XML" version of the “.REX" files. Like ".XRS” for example.

I know that some will think of this as “useless” but i’m sure that others will find it usefull somehow…


I think you can somehow convert the libraries to separate samples… (using latest version of Recycle for example)

Renoise supports opening multiple wav files at once so you just drag and drop the rex:ed wavs to renoise and there you go.

Unrelated, but some of you might find this tool handy
Let’s you unpack files (samples, rex, etc.) from reason refills