Rhan - When she comes

Hi everyone, this is my first topic.I’ve never been on this forum, hope this forum will be more interesting than the social networks.
This is my track.Original track was in the style of pop-rock, and I decided to remake it in renoise.

Share your opinion about style, which has turned out, and what you think about the song.
Oh,it contains russian vocal;))


well you said it’s a dub remix , but it’s missing some key elements , not sure about the tempo but i think it should be a bit faster and the use of rock beats for dub remix is not serving the purpose of the remix you wanted to make , imo… you should think about using 2 step beats with edge and crisp for the rythem section
also in dub it’s important to add some fx with reverb and delay which are not going at all here , other then that nice job… keep it up :)

Thanks for the tip, I was not trying to do just the dub, I wanted to make a rock track with an emphasis in dub.Whatsoever i would try to make it better.Thanks!!)))