Rhowaldt - Toon

‘toon’ is Dutch for ‘tone’. the guy in the song speaks about it (tonen, which are ‘tones’, multiple). hope you enjoy.


if you’re interested: that lead is a single sine-wave created with the Custom Wave Tool, through some fx (cabinet mostly) and then just played with a lot of pitch-slides. i’ve always wanted to create something that could resemble a solo as is common on songs featuring electric guitar, but mirrored in electronic music. i believe i’m on the right track with this. (even though to some it might just sound like a kind of dubstep).

An interesting piece, has something special for me, maybe thanks to this a bit quiet solo :). Nice tune.

yeah, i’m still working on my mastering skills, and i often feel my music sounds a bit quiet. could well be because of the fact that i’m composing on headphones instead of proper monitors. however, i always try to remember the loudness-war and figure that people should maybe just turn up the volume…

thanks for the comment! glad you like it.