'riding' Envelopes With Renoise?

Hi, I have a question.

I want to have a sequence of notes that plays through an entire envelope without going back to the beginning of the envelope as each note is triggered. In IT and FT2 this was possible by not specifying the instrument number in the column for each new note (like you could do in Protracker, to use the volume of the last note played in the track). But if I do this in Renoise, each new note causes the envelope to be played from the beginning point again. Any ideas?

I hope you guys understand what I mean, if not I’ll be happy to clarify.

PS If this isn’t possible yet in Renoise I would certainly suggest putting it in, it can be very useful :). E.g. you could define a filter sweep in an envelope, and apply this sweep to your whole riff very easily.



Yes you can do that easily with Renoise, this is one of the programs strength.

You are trying to do this with the instrument envelopes.
But if you try adding a track envelope instead you can controll a filter sweep for the whole track. Track envelopes are in track automation.

But first you must add a dsp filter that you can automate…