Right Alt Doesn'T Always Trigger Pattern Play

I have had this problem for many months, and now is the time when it start geting annoying. Hope someone can help.

So my problem is that Right Alt doesn’t always start playing the pattern, about 9/10 times it starts playing just fine but about the tenth time it do nothing. It began happening in the Renoise 2.6 beta so I thought it was just a beta bug everyone would find, and got used to double click to start playing the pattern.

I have tried to remap and swap it with Right Control and that key works and trigger pattern play everytime, so it’s just the Right Alt button. Then I was thinking maybe it’s getting old and maybe fails sometime, so I’ve tried outside Renoise to write a shit load of characters that need Right Alt pressed to write, you know stuff like @£$ signs, but that’s never a problem.

Does anyone have a clue to why Right Alt doesn’t work properly for me in Renoise?