Right Click=a Pain


See, when you want to right click and drag a slider to insert it’s values, to the pattern editor, it’s kind of a pain… because you might not get EXACTLY the value it had to begin with!! So when you wanna insert your delay-values, for example, you might get 1 or 2 numbers too high or too low! So how about a small button to push to insert values?..

Or is this a dumb idea?


Agree this can be irritating.

Maybe having a controller key on the keyboard to lock sliders when pressed would be an easier way to do this.

e.g. : Ctrl + rmb (value entered in pattern, but while Ctrl held the slider will not move)

as far as i can understand the problem simple little code rearrange will fix it. it should insert command right on right click before any movement detection. so, then you just can do right click on slider and it should just put the right value.

agree with both ideas:
a Lock function could be useful and the present way is very irritating.

I have a free pencil for you.
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It would be also VERY welcome to be able to insert those damn values by simply typing them with the num pad on your keyboard…

I’d really like to be able to enter any type of values with the keyboard in Renoise…

Alors, the values displayed in the automation panel / status line / or in the effect panel itself often don’t match because they’re displayed in various form… e.g. : A midi CC set at “127” in its own panel is still displayed as “100%” in its automation window, and so on… This could be fixed easily I think (or just percentage AND other values could be displayed at the same time in the status line…)


I’ve noticed another bug when you right-drag a slider to enter the command in the pattern… When playing the pattern the value is not the one you previously dragged it to, but one less (or maybe it’s recording the value you dragged the slider from instead of to ?). Hope this is understandable… :)